Miyakawa Memorial Research Foundation (MMRF) was founded on 20-Nov-1995 in commemoration of Dr Kanoeko Miyakawa, who had passed away just 2 years before (21-Nov-1993) at 93 years of age. She (i.e., Dr Kanoeko Miyakawa) was a famous woman in that she had been the first female medical doctor in Japan (doctorate from Tokyo Imperial University).

Even after the academic period, she continued being interested in the medical study of a wide range of domains while she saw patients in her own otolaryngology clinic. She in later years came to show special interest in the study of the disease (e.g., liver cancer) emerging, re-emerging, or already prevalent over the Asian countries. And finally she wanted to provide her private property/materials with pleasure if good for the solution to such problem; particularly for promotion of research activities and international relations of researchers in the concerned domains. This became Kanoeko’s will indeed.

Accordingly, the mission of MMRF was narrowed down to the following two lines;

1. Furtherance of the research activities
2. Promotion of academic interchanges

Our study target includes liver cancer (hepatocellular carcinoma) and viral hepatitis, of course, because these were Kanoeko’s biggest subject of concern. In addition to these, however, unsolved intractable diseases pile up in Asia. For example, the rapid spread of the AIDS is a serious problem. Therefore, in future we may need to decide our study target from a long list of candidate diseases, in order to flexibly cope with the changes of circumstances in Asia.

By the way, MMRF made a restart on 1-Apr-2013 in that it was registered in the Legal Affairs Bureau as a public-interest-incorporated-foundation, authorized by the Governor of Tokyo. We would appreciate your continued cooperation. Thank you very much in advance.

Chair, MMRF Board
Keiji Mitamura